S.W.A.T. TEAM PEST CONTROL & TERMITE INC. is happy to rid you of unwanted pests, but there are simple things that you can do to save yourself the trouble and cost of hiring us. Besides, who wants to evict unwanted creatures, when you can just take away the welcome mat?

Rodents, skunks, snakes, raccoons and many other wild creatures look for protection from the elements. Crawl spaces of structures are one of their favorites. We’ve had bats, owls and rats take residency in unprotected attic spaces in San Diego, as well. The air vents in these areas serve a purpose, but must be properly maintained. It’s quite simple to take a tour of your property and make sure they are not damaged, loose or missing. Just be certain if your attic space has louvered covers, to look at them from inside your attic. We find sometimes where there is no screen at all in these places and you can’t see it from outside.

There are many how-to videos out there, but the most important key to repairing your vents is to use the right materials. Quarter inch galvanized screen is your best bet, because of the rust resistance. Don’t use chicken wire.  Reptiles and rodents can slip right through that with ease. You can purchase your replacement materials at any lumber yard or home improvement store. Cut the screen a bit larger than the measured space, to ensure that the opening is fully covered and fits snugly into the frame.

We’ve seen some crawl space entries where the wood shrunk over time and the door and frame no longer fit securely. We also see those that have been broken and left ajar. If yours is just loose, try filling the gap with clear caulk. If need be, you might want to purchase a pre-framed replacement. They come in many sizes. If you prefer, we would be happy to give you a quote and fix these things for you.

Please note: If you spot a rattlesnake, you need to call Animal Control.
This link has some valuable information about identifying venomous snakes and what to do if you have one on your property.

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